Class of 2022

Bobby Calfee

Commitment Committee, Chair

Andrew Guerry

Finance Committee
Endowment Committee

Terry Montgomery

Finance Committee, Chair
Endowment Committee, Chair

Andy Ploeger

Human Resources Committee, Chair

Ashby Reynolds

Congregational Life Committee, Chair

Vic Sowers

Mission Committee, Chair

Hugh Verenes

Congregational Life Committee

Class of 2023

Phyllis Britt

Worship Committee, Chair

Brenda Guerry

New Member/Hospitality Committee, Chair

Barb Magrath

Presbyterian Women Liaison

Frank Townsend

Preschool Liaison

Lindsay Tucker

Purposeful Education Committee, Chair

Class of 2024

Kim Abney

Memorial Committee

Susan Budney

Clerk of Session

Mike Loftus

Mission Committee

Paula Luther

Purposeful Education Committee

Bailey Shafer

Worship Committee

Mary Helen Simons

Human Resources Committee


Class of 2022

Corey Feraldi


Burt Starks

Meal Preparation/Delivery

Chick Warner

Chair of the Deacons
Medical Equipment
Minor Home Repair

Class of 2023

Lestine Bush

Card Ministry

Janice Cadwallader

Memorial Receptions

Jean Covington

Extended Communion

Class of 2024

Jeana Carter

Flower Delivery

Liz Cox

Memorial Receptions

Bob Hinds

Care Giver Respite
Congregational Outreach


Class of 2022

Becky Reynolds

Class of 2023

Dave Muhlbaier

Class of 2024

Doug Cook