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Adult Sunday School Classes
9:30-10:15 AM


Focus Class

Will be meeting in the Conference Room Sunday mornings from 9:30 - 10:15 AM for a time of fellowship. Come join us!


Lectionary Class


 Please join us in the Church Parlor for a new intergenerational Sunday School class, starting on Sunday, June 4th at 9:30 AM.  


This lectionary class is discussion-based and will follow the Revised Common Lectionary Bible passages that are used during the worship service each Sunday. We will examine the texts, and also look at the context and history, in order to increase our understanding and prepare for the worship service (no homework required). The same texts are used as the basis for the music, liturgy, and sermon each week.  


Led by Tamra Erde and Christa Budney, this class is open to all congregation members from high school age and up. 

For the first 8 weeks these often bear no resemblance to what Jesus wanted his followers to be known for.


In Christian, participants will learn:

  • What one word should be descriptive of every      Christian

  • How Jesus followers should treat those who are outside the faith

  • Why people love Jesus but can't stand his followers"

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