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A mission of Presbyterian Women at FPC Aiken
One necklace provides one week’s worth of formula for babies born in Mwandi to HIV-positive mothers.

The Formula For Life (FFL) necklace project provides urgently needed funding to help in the prevention of mother-to-child transmission for HIV-negative babies whose mothers are HIV-positive in Mwandi, Zambia. 


Since 2009, it has been a mission of FPC Aiken to provide funds for formula for this ministry. The necklaces are surprisingly simple, attractive, and very affordable. Women also appreciate wearing this symbol of solidarity with mothers in a far away place struggling to provide hope and a future for their children.


Since the project began in 2009, we have sold over $325,000 worth of necklaces and other products. Money is sent quarterly to our Zambia partners, Ida & Keith Waddell, who buy infant formula and manage its distribution. Because of Formula For Life, over 500 lives have been saved.


We invite you to purchase these necklaces for yourself and for gifts. You can be a part of this amazing mission which is making a difference in our world!


For more colors, please visit the church for our full selection.

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