Welcome to First Presbyterian Church

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First Presbyterian Church of Aiken, SC

Most people think First Presbyterian is a very pretty church, although we’re not terribly “flash and sparkle” (Presbyterians tend not to be that way, after all). We’re more like a slow smile or a warm hug.

First Presbyterian isn't the biggest church in town. Or the smallest. We are just big enough to have a variety of things to involve you. And just small enough to know each other by name. We get to know each other's kids and dogs and visiting grandchildren and who's on vacation and who's been sick and who's had a birthday.

Our ministers strive to preach and serve with thoughtfulness and inspiration. Members of the congregation and staff take turns in serving each other and the community, too—both in and out of church. Once a year, our youth take the helm and create and conduct an entire service with a wisdom and insight that humbles and delights our hearts, and fills us with confidence for the future.

Our building and grounds are used to serve people on any number of occasions—both the common and the unexpected, in crisis as well as celebration, within the church family and reaching out.

Worship. Weekday preschool. Weddings. Funerals. Evacuations. People seeking help. People seeking to give help. Wednesday night suppers. Baptisms. Vacation Bible School. Music programs. Mission work. Boy Scouts. Girl Scouts. Presbyterian Women. Stephen Ministry. Basketball games. Sunday School for everyone.

Learn More

We encourage you to browse our website to learn more about how we worship, study, serve, fellowship, and more.

Sunday morning worship at 8:30 or 11:00 AM (10:00 AM in the summer and on select Sundays) is a great time to learn more about us and meet our people. We would love to meet you!

Check Us Out

We hope you’ll want to find out more for yourself. Just ask any one of us. We’d appreciate the opportunity to share our story and ourselves with you.

Hospitality Committee

The mission of the Hospitality Committee is to teach and model hospitality for the entire congregation and to assist new member assimilation into the work and worship of the church.

Become a Member

You are always welcome at any/all events whether you join officially or not, but membership adds depth to your (and our) sense of community. If you have an interest or any questions about membership, please contact us. We'd enjoy the opportunity to describe our easy process.

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Passing the Peace
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