Membership Matters at First Presbyterian Church of Aiken

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Please use this page to hear messages about membership at First Presbyterian Church from several church members and our Pastor for Connectional Communities, the Rev. Dr. Terry Wimberley.

Membership & Fellowship at First Presbyterian Church

1. Baptized Children: The first category recognizes children who are baptized.

2. Affiliate Members: The second category is for persons who temporarily relocate; this category allows an individual to maintain his or her membership at his or her home church while becoming an affiliate member with another church family.

3. Regular Members: People who have been brought into the membership of the church through baptism, statement of faith and/or through the transfer of membership from another church. Among these members are three subgroups:
A. Resident Members: Members living in the area and participating in the life of the church.
B. Homebound Members: Members living in the area but no longer able to participate in church activities “in person.”
C. Distance Members: Regular Members who maintain their membership at FPCA but have geographically moved away from a congregation yet, desire to maintain their fellowship with the church.

4. Extended Fellowship: those who are not members but are participating in activities sponsored by our local church.

Become a Member

You are always welcome at any/all events whether you join officially or not, but membership adds depth to your (and our) sense of community. If you have an interest or any questions about membership, please contact us. We'd enjoy the opportunity to describe our easy process.