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First Presbyterian Church of Aiken, SC

First Presbyterian Church
of Aiken, SC

Grounded in the Presbyterian tradition of Christian faith, we believe that God has placed First Presbyterian Church in this time and place to begin a new chapter in an old story, by developing Christian faith that honors and cherishes tradition, while not being bound by traditionalism. We believe that God is Calling First Presbyterian Church to take up the challenge of communicating the good news of Jesus Christ to generations through:

Meaningful worship that makes the word of God available to both new and mature followers of Jesus Christ;
Relevant instruction focused on growing new disciples and equipping mature saints;
Authentic fellowship that builds true community by emphasizing our belonging to one another through Jesus Christ;
Compassionate Christ-centered outreach that makes a difference, locally and globally.

We believe that God has called us to be a haven of Christian community, and a representative and witness for Christ in Aiken, and in the world.

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Sanctuary Balcony

Worship Times

Sunday morning worship services are held at 8:30 AM and 11:00 AM. Both services have special music, and the later service has a special time with children.

Sometimes, in the summer and on special occasions, we like to remind ourselves that we are one big church family, and we meet together for worship at 10:00 AM.


Welcome to Our Visitors

First Presbyterian Church of Aiken extends a simple and unqualified welcome, in Christ's name, to all who seek to join us.

We affirm that there can be no exclusiveness within the body of Christ, and therefore we invite all children of God into our worship, study, mission, and fellowship as we together seek ways to live in grace and respond with gratitude.

Historic Bell


This church is about as old as the town of Aiken itself. It was established in 1858, and this is just our third building. We even still use a lovely old silver communion service that was hidden away in a cistern for safety during the Civil War.