† Leslie Ancelerio, health concerns, friend of Becky & Jeffrey Reynolds
† David Armstrong, health concerns, son of Bill & Marti Foss
† Nancy Bebb, condolences, death of husband, Warren
† Mike Bedford, health concerns, father of Allison Shearouse
† Bonvallet Family, death of Patricia

† Julia Cartledge, health concerns, mother of Nancy Girardeau
† Alan Caycedo, health concerns, brother of Gladys Olson
† Daniel Caycedo, injuries from a fall at work, nephew of Gladys Olson
† Elodie Chappius, brain injury, infant cousin of Ken Courtney
† Scott & Lacie Chappius, infant child's health concerns, parents of Elodie Chappius
† Geraldine Chmarak, cancer, friend of Kim Abney
† Linda Colegrove, breast cancer, friend of Sarah Sykes
† Anne Cousins, back surgery, mother of Kim Abney
† Bill Craven, health concerns, father of Pam McKinsey
† David Davies, cancer, father of Diane Davies, grandfather of Deanna Davies
† Jim Doyle, health concerns, friend of Dick & Kay Lasure
† Glen Eckert, brain cancer, brother-in-law of Dub & Ruth Bankes
† Mary Edwards, health concerns
†  Sally Farris, health concerns
†  Elizabeth Fisher, cancer, aunt of Robin Callicott
† Ken Gill, cancer, Betty Knapp's brother
† Sally Gregory, health concerns, mother of Sandy Evans
† John Hunter, health concerns
† Bonnie Kennedy, health concerns
† Suzi Kilgo, health concerns
† Taylor Kinard, health concerns, infant daughter of a friend of Ellen Williams
† John Lee, cancer, son of Carol and Harry Lee
† Ellen List, health concerns, mother of Linda McGurer
† Will & Erin Lyerly, Will's health concerns, daughter & son-in-law of Jim & Judy Farmer
† Doug Lyle, health concerns 

† Betty Majors
† Jim Marvin, broken pelvis and femur, brother of Karalee Kludzuweit
† Hugh 'Mac' McCord, lymphoma, brother of Jane Keisler
† Duncan McDonnell, health concerns
† Bunny McLeod, health concerns, mother of Rick McLeod
† Linwood Melton, health concerns, father of Julie Taylor
† Dent Moore, health concerns
† Mary Nuessle, knee wound
† Fred Parkman, cancer, friend of Cecil Cadwallader
† Nevyn Rankin, cancer
† Maggie Reidel, health concerns, friend of Carol Palmer
† Bob Richards, cancer, brother-in-law of Bill & Marti Foss
† Wayne Rickman, condolences, death of nephew
† Peggy O'Leary Seigler, cancer, daughter-in-law of Verna and Eddie Seigler
† Geri Smith, cancer, sister-in-law of Russell Smith
† Kim Stone, throat cancer, child of friend of Pat & Ben Russell

† Amy Taylor, health concerns
† Glenda Till, cancer, mother of Sharyn O'Briant
† Joey Timmerman, cancer, father of Joanna Hamilton
† Honour Valentine, health concerns, cousin of Debbie Grinton
† Lou Visnyai, injuries from car accident
† Dave White, cancer, father of Lisa Woods
†  Jenna Williams, cancer, daughter of Terry Spencer and Jim Williams
† Susan Wilson, breast cancer, sister-in-law of Sydney Reynolds

† New Stephen Ministers:
Mary Maddrey, Chris Reichel , Judy Thompson

By the grace of God, First Presbyterian is a community of faith dedicated to the ministry of prayer, of and for the people of God. Please share your prayer concerns, so that we can share them with our church family. Among those that we need to remember are:

224 Barnwell Avenue NW

Aiken, SC  29801


Updated:  June 27, 2014

(Added  June 13 - 27, 2014)

† Jacob and Clare Linder, daughter & son-in-law of Dick & Nancy McCormick
† David Horner, nephew of Jimmy & Brenda Guerry
Kellum Mahan, friend of Buchanan family
† William Paulus, grandson of Jack Paulus
Kala & Jerry Reitano, daughter and son-in-law of Dave Clerc
Hachori Luke Small, friend of the Olsons

Need Durable Medical Equipment? 

We now have available:
Wheelchairs of different types, Walkers (3 types), Furniture Blocks for raising sofas or chairs for easier sitting and rising, Canes (both stick and tripod), Ankle/Foot boot for sprains or fractures, Raised toilet seats with handles, Bed Blocks to raise the head end of a bed for those with GERD, Shower Seat with back for use in the shower for those who cannot stand.
We are grateful to those supporting this ministry to our church family.  Please let us know how we can help by contacting the church office , or call 803.648.2662.

† Betty Brahm, health concerns, friend of John & Carol Palmer
† Marsha Foryt, hospitalization and complications due to a fall, daughter of Bob & Bonnie Kennedy
† Amy Gray, condolences, death of aunt
† Bob Jahn, heart valve replacement, father of Steve Jahn
† Jean Kierspe, hospice